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Our calling is to help save lives, find alternatives to street racing for our youth, and support grieving mothers that suffer from the loss of their child due to vehicular-related accidents or any way.. Not the right order of things

Organizational Goals:

1. Educate the community about the dangers associated with street racing.

2. Find alternatives to street racing for youth to recreate using vehicles in a safe manner.

3. Provide support to grieving mothers in the Central Florida area that have lost their child in any way.. It changes who you are..we miss our shinning star…


God Our Father, Hear Our Prayer.

We are mothers who truly care. Our kids become our life from the moment they’re born.

The pain over takes us, when from our life they’re torn.

Calling our sons and daughters home freezes us in time, feeling alone.

Mothers whose lives changed with the blink of an eye. Losing a child makes a piece of you die.

Mothers grieving, in our shoes, we’re here for you to fight the blues; together we can learn to heal.

Losing a child makes life surreal. Make each day unfold, like it’s your last one to hold.

Laurie Broadus ©9/17/2011


      Moms who want to make a difference, we did not ask to be in this club, others made that call for us. We never received justice, nor should I say, got to the bottom of our son’s crash. We were left with more questions, & no answers, this is a lonely club.

MARS MOMS choose to help teens and parents by sharing our story in hopes that we will reach a different part of the brain. Sharing with others will help us heal; losing a child is a big deal. Living with grief is a hard road, a journey that has no end, until we see their face again.

Our hope is to reach each heart and mind, wishing we could turn back time, realizing life is short, and no one is promised tomorrow. We all have to have our peace with God. In the end, his opinion is the only one that matters. Forgiveness is hard, but a must to move forward and support is essential in the healing process. Only God’s love gives us peace within, until we see their face again.


Laurie Broadus
Debbie Romero
Emely Santa

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11 Comments on "Home"

  1. xoxoLoka says:

    Hello, my name is Alexis! I was for a long period of time a part of the street racing scene! I just want to explain my emotions towards the women of this page. I am so beyond grateful for this! It is so awesome to see mothers who understand that this “car thing” is more then just a hobby to some of us! It’s awesome to see that you understand that this is a lifestyle to us! I am so sorry for your loses! But hat you are doing to protect the rest of us and our passion is amazing! Keep it up!

    • laurie says:

      Thank you we will keep on making a difference, we need a team of awesome people to make it all happen, Alexis you could be one. looking forward to speaking in the schools to bring awareness, about the dangers of street racing and other things that are distracting our teens and young adults.

    • laurie says:


      could you please contact me @ marscflinc@gmail.com just want to get your input on how we can make things happen, we can not do this alone, we need a team of awesome people to help us reach out to our community and make a change for the better. Thank you for your comment just learning how to handle this website, a work in progress. What did we ever do without computers.

      Mars Mom
      Laurie Broadus

    • marscfl says:

      we need help to get this accomplished

  2. laurie says:

    Alexis thank you for your support, Mars will do their best to make a difference.

  3. marscfl says:

    MARS CFL INC/Against Street Racing, needs help to get our message out. Helping other in our shoes helps us heal, losing a child is a bad deal.

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